Happy Birthday dear Blog! Alexandra's Paradise First Year


This is our first year together. On 13 th April 2014 I made this blog from a before sleep meditation. The name comes from my name 'Alexandra' and because I want to share everything I like and everything that inspires me it's called my 'Paradise' or our 'Paradise'. Happy to be here after one year, happier to know that I'll do my best this new year together. I was so concentrated on the design in this first year. Love to do what I've learnt to: design and redesign my blog. If you need a design for your blog, I'm here. This year was amazing! Loving the experience of doing what I really like and learning every single day. Writing has always been for me not just a talent, but a style of life. From my childhood I used to write stories. Now I'm in a second and bigger process of writing a book. This one I want to be not just 'brilliant' (I'm exaggerating), but longer too. You, my readers are the best in the entire world. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. And You can change the world. This new year I want to be more engaged with the readers, to meet more new people and connect with them. I want to grow older with this blog. I want we all to grow older reading and writing here, on Alexandra's Paradise. 

Have a nice day and

Happy Birthday, dear blog!

What are your wishes for the blog's anniversary? Let them in the comment section below. 

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