Flowers in Her Hair

ASOS flower hair accessory
41 RON -

Neve Eve flower hair accessory
215 RON -

Wet Seal flower garland
26 RON -

Love Rocks flower hair clip
205 RON -

Eugenia kim headband
975 RON -

With Love From CA floral headwrap
61 RON -

Headband hair accessory
61 RON -

Berry lace hair accessory
115 RON -

ASOS Boho Paper Flower Hair Tie
55 RON -

Women's Berry Floral Hair Wreath
98 RON -

I always loved the flowers, with their perfume. I'm fascinated by their shapes and want to grow many more then I have. Flowers as an accessory is a thing I personally see as feminine and chic with hippie accents. Loving so deep this concept. 

    What about you? What you think about flowers? 

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