30 Solutions For Sad Days + Bonus

1. Listen to music.
2. Dance like a crazy.
3. Eat chocolate or ice cream.
4. Strawberries are good too as well as fruits in general.
5. Wear your favourite piece of clothing.
6. Wear your favourite colour.
7. Watch TV.
8. Drink some coffee or tea.
9. Read a book or two...
10. Read some jokes.
11. Take a walk.
12. Go to the park.
13. Breath.
 14. Sing, no matter how your voice sounds.
15. Smell a flower.
16. Buy something.
17. Go clothes shopping.
18. Play with your pets.
19. Sleep. Take a nap.
20. Read quotes.
21. Paint your nails.
22. Do some sport.
23. Remember the good times.
24. Hug someone.
25. Talk to your friend.
26. Remember that no one is perfect.
27. Do what makes you happy.
28. Spend some time in the nature.
29. Do something new.
30. Smile for no reason. 

Bonus: 10 Songs to listen to when you are sad

1. Adele- Someone like you
2. Taylor Swift- Shake it off
3. Gary Jules- Mad World
4. Lana Del Rey- Born to die
5. Demi Lovato- Really don't care
6. One Direction- Little Things
7. Rihanna- Stay
8. Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball
9. Pink- Just Give Me a Reason
10. Lana Del Rey- Young & Beautiful

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