The Best Free Thing In The World

Free things are the kind of things we all like. First of all because they are free! And who doesn't love free things? I do. I love to get gifts, free objects, or other... Every single subject in this world, has a superior, "the Best" title owner. For the free things this isn't different. But are so many free things that are awesome. How can we choose just one?

If you go to work/school and you're seeing your friend, you hug her right? If you have a bad day or you miss someone, you need a hug right? And are so many people in this world who are hugging their pillows... I'm a lucky one: I have my mom and she's not the only one. We all need hugs: as encouragement, as a hello, or simply we need these for our mind health. 

In conclusion, I think we all need hugs, so they are the best free thing in a world. Remember "Free Hugs"? People need these. Let's try to be better and do better next time. Hope you have an awesome Spring!  

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