Lovely Spring Bites: A Spring Bucketlist

  Spring is here. The sun is shining so why not to create a lovely Spring bucketlist? This is what I'll share with you today so be ready to deal with it. We all do bucketlists (and if not, then you shoul), first of all because these are fun, second they help you to remember what you like and not least, the bucketlists are an amazing source of inspiration and memories. 

I'm so excited about staying and enjoying the time outside so this is my number one wish: spend more time outside;

✿ Garden: this is one of my favourite things to do on Spring, especially when it comes to flowers;

✿ Read at least three books: if I have the time I really enjoy to drink a cup of coffee and read a good book;

✿ My hammock: if the time is good I'll have my hammock back in the yard and I'm so excited about this! I love to stay in the nature, reading a book in the hammock or simply listening to music/ the song of a bird...;

✿ Go to the cinema: I usually don't do this, because the cinema is far away from where I'm living so it's hard for me to get there. This Spring I would love to go again and see a good movie. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them;

✿ Spend a day at the Zoo: another thing I love are animals. I know that the zoos aren't really nice places for them, but it's the only option I have to see a lion or even better, a tiger. 'Cause I'm in love with tigers!;

✿ Ride a horse: I have never did this, but it's one of my dreams. I'm not afraid of any animal and I really love horses. I just didn't find the perfect place to do it. Maybe this Spring or Summer I'll make this come true;

✿ Play in the rain/ Dance in the rain: I do this on Summer and if the weather is good in the Spring too;

✿ Blow bubbles: I did this a long time ago and I'll love to do this again;

✿ Jump in puddles: I think this will be real fun!; 

✿ Watch the sunset: This is something so beautiful and romantic to do this Spring and every season too. I'm a bit of obsessed with it and I'm trying to observe every sunset;

✿ Travel more...

✿ Visit the botanical gardens;

✿ Do a picnic;

✿ Be fit;

Make lots of photos;

✿ Make this blog popular;

So these are some of my wishes for this Spring. What are yours?

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