Lose Your Weight Not Your Mind

I love clothes and I bet you do too! The bad thing, the ugliest one was when something I loved didn't fit me. I've lost my mind. One time, two times, but the third was enough. I'm not so fat, but the clothes are made for supermodels. We aren't supermodels. I personally have a nice body, but I'm not skinny. I said "That's enough" and I did my personally workout. Fifteen minutes a day, twenty, it doesn't matter. It only matters that you really feel good and look good too. I've never imagined myself fighting for a chance to wear what I love, not just like. But now is the only chance that I have. 

"Lose your weight not your mind"

Well, I'm getting ready for the summer with my own workout. I've made it and I'm proud to say that I already lost some of the weight. I'm feeling better, like I've said and even thought the clothes made me do it and the wish one day I'll look gorgeous, now I don't regret. Doing a little workout can only make miracles and is a fun way to know more about yourself. Sometimes I felt like "Stop! I can't do this any more!" and right now I've learned that I'm ambitious more than I thought.

Start doing what makes you happy and Stop losing your mind! Have a nice Spring day!

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