Top Five People I Respect The Most

Every single day I meet people and so do you. I respect everyone and I'm respected in return. But the big question is: Who do you respect the most? Hard question? Nope. Today I'll show you a list, (the short version), with the five people I respect the most. 

1.  My mother: I think everyone should respect first, his mother. Me and my mom have a strong relationship. We are first of all friends. I respect her and I admire her. 

2. My father: me and my dad have a normal relationship, father - daughter. Or not? Maybe it's not so normal... We are comedians in our free time. We joke all the time, even so. I respect him for his sense of humour, because his my dad and his awesome. 

3. My sister: you saw her on the pics I posted on Instagram. She's an angel. I love her so much. She's an inspiration for me and I think I'm really lucky to have her in my life. I respect her and I will always do.

4. My brother:  yep! I have a brother too! Even though they are like a lot more older, they are the perfect brother and sister someone could ask for. I respect him!

5. Everyone I meet: Like I've said when I started this post, everyone I meet deserves my respect. 

So this is my top five people I respect the most. Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to let a comment and why not? Share it on social media! Love you!

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