The 4 Biggest Fitness Excuses

Do you make excuses when it's time for your workout? I do. I still can't believe how many times I started and how many times I abandoned the cause. Motivation? I have. Ambition? Oh, yeah! So what can be the cause of the abandoned workouts? I am inclined to say that time. But this will be a lie. If you need it, love it or simply want it, you'll always find the time. I think it must be laziness. I just made myself a lazy person! Maybe I am. Maybe we all are. Are you a little curious to find out what are the 6 biggest fitness excuses and why they are nonsense?! Let's start!

 Time: "I don't have time! I'm a busy person and I can't include the workout in my schedule." It's so false! For the things we love we always find time. If you want that hot body, you'll make time for getting it. It's that simple! Time should be your friend not your enemy.

➋ Tired: "I work too much and I'm too tired for the workout." Don't say that to me. You aren't tired when you wake up. Try to walk every morning to your office. Try to make a little workout when you wake up and then some more when you end your office program.

➌ Family: "I can't let my kids alone and go to a gym" but you don't have to. If you can't go to the gym, bring the gym to you. Try to do some workout with your own kids around. Be their trainer and have fun.

➍ Gym: "The gym is too far" or "Don't like to go to the gym" If you don't then don't. Try a sport or do something by yourself in your garden. Call your friends and make a group with fitness interests. You'll have fun and also you'll eliminate that calories. 

So these are the 4 biggest fitness excuses and why these are non sense. Hope you have a great weekend and don't forget your workout! 

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