4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Your Make up

We are human. We can and we do mistakes. It's not that we want to do them. We don't. We just do. We aren't perfect and I think this is the perfect thing. We don't need to be. We are an unique piece of art. Girls want to achieve the perfection in everything. Okay, not all of the girls are perfectionists, but I am. I want everything to be perfect. But is a subject where we all want to be perfect. It's called beauty. All the girls want to be the most beautiful on the world. And I think they are. In their unique way, they are the most beautiful ones. For some of us, of the girls, this is more simple to do. For the other part it isn't. This is the part where makeup comes. Makeup is the salvation of lots of girls. Believe me! No matter that you want to cover a little spot, or you want longer eyelashes, pink cheeks and smaller nose, full lips. Makeup can do miracles. From a normal day to a photo shoot. Makeup can do miracles. I think this is the most used thing in the world. But even so, makeup can still be a  challenge. Here I chose four common mistakes and how to avoid them when doing your makeup.

× Foundation: you need to know how is your skin. Colour and texture are the first thing to check. You can't put a darker foundation on a light skin. It will look disastrous! You need to put it on your face and neck for a natural look. It needs to be similar to your natural skin colour. To check if it's the one for you simply put some on your cheek and look for differences. If these don't exist this is the one for you.

× Mascara: Don't put too much of this on your eyelashes. It will look bad and unnatural. 

× Gloss/Lipstick: If you have a lighter eye shadow then you can put a darker gloss/lipstick. If  you have a darker eye shadow you can put a lighter gloss/lipstick. Never put dark eye shadow with dark lipstick or vice versa. 

× Eye Shadow: don't apply dark eye shadow to your inner corner. There you should try a lighter eye shadow for  a brighter and bigger eye look too.


× Don't sleep with your make up on: Remove the make up from your face. If not you can get skin diseases, damages that will be permanent, an older look too, red spots and even acne. Just clean your face before going to bed.  

That's it! Hope I helped you in doing some of your daily make up. And now that you know are you going to avoid these?


  1. Love the eyeshadow tip. I absolutely hate when I see someone smear a dark color all over their lids. I had a friend who, at 30-years-old, just got into makeup. She came out of her bathroom one day with a grey color all over here eyes. I pulled her back in and showed her how to actually do her shadow.

    THE VERY NEXT DAY, I saw a picture of Britney Spears in IG with the same messed up eyeshadow.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    1. Hi Connie! Thank you for your nice comment! I see every single day persons that are trying to do their make up and they think they look great. But they don't. It's hard to do your make up, but if you try harder it will be okay. I have seen on my own, what make up can do. So we just need practice because we are all just simple human beings.
      Anyway, I looked on your blog and it's gorgeous! Love the template and how you write! And I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Have a nice day darling!