My 2015 Goals: Blogging, Financial, Fitness.

   2015 has started days ago and I have been thinking about my goals this year. Last year was one of the best years in my life 'till now, the year I've started this blog, the year that I've spent more time with my sister in the last 4 years, the year when I've dyed my hair twice for the first time (first blonde, second purple), the year when I've lost Tigri (I'm crying right now), one of my cats and the same year when I've found Sasha and Toto the two new super-cute dogs and saved other dogs too. 
Now I've been thinking that this year should be at least  twice as good as the last year. 

   For blogging I was thinking at a bigger community(I'm hard working on this at the moment), better design, better writing skills, better photos, better everything! I want to inspire people, I want to have friends whole over the world, even if I'm not so social, I'm trying very hard to do all of these. I also want so much more views on my blog and posts. So 2015 Please be good!
   For financial, I want ideas for businesses( I have too much of these, but I still want). I want to do something that matters and something that I love, something that makes me happy, like blogging does.
   For fitness I want a better body. I love my body no matter what, but I can and I want an improved version of me, much healthier, slimmer and that version that will make me happy in the end.
   So these are some of the goals related to a bigger subject, but I have some more so keep reading:
× For music: I want to learn to play the guitar. It was my wish for years and all I need are two or three guitar strings. I'm such an idiot, I know!
× For foreign languages: in 2014 I've learned Spanish. This year I want German.
× For YouTube: I want to make videos and become sort of a vlogger!
× For my entire look: I want changes. Like I've said, I want to be slimmer, fitter and have a perfect body. I think I'll be much blonder this year too(my bigger sister insists that I look good in this hair colour), I don't know what other colours I'll dye my hair this year. Also, I want a new wardrobe, new clothes! I don't want to make any other complicated nail design. This year natural one will be the best. My nails are french natural so I don't need any work. Maybe just a transparent nail polish.
× For my animals: I'll spend more time with them. They are part of my family and have so many privileges.
   This is just a part of my list that was in my head. I also would love to travel at least once abroad, and more in this wonderful country. 2014 was also the year with lots of memories, true moments, facts and lessons, the year where real celebrities from Mexico and England have been favourited and retweed  my tweets on Twitter. Luja Duhart and Veronica Jaspeado are still doing this. While Alex Sirvent have been favourited one of my tweets and followed me , Alejandra Garcia favourited my tweets and  Fernanda Castillo too. Have a great year filled with unforgettable moments, fulfilled dreams and lot of fun!


  1. Good luck with all your goals :) Your blog design is pretty :) xo

    1. Hi sweetie! Thank you for your sweet comment! Have a nice day!