Five Ways to Beat a Bad Mood

Today it's all about bad moods! We all have at a time or another bad moods. When you go through a tough period or you simply don't feel good, don't stay like this. Fight with that mood! Here are five ways to beat a bad mood!

The first way to beat a bad mood is to do what makes you happy: Do you love to dance? Then dance. Do you love to draw? Then draw. Don't stay like a statue! Go and do what makes you happy.

Smile: Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Think positive and smile... You have nothing to worry about... You are awesome and you know that! Also, you can go outside and make someone smile too! This will be a double portion of happiness!

Workout: Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Like I said in the last post movement decrease stress level! Sport makes you feel better because increase the level of serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone of happiness.

➍ Eat: Some foods like chocolate and ice cream can really make you feel good and give you some energy. If you have the energy you can do what you want!

Walk your dog: you and your dog... What can be more wonderful? In the nature, just you and your fur friend... Breathe deep and forget about everything...

These are five ways to beat a bad mood! I also recommend to read: 

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