30 Activities To Do For A Fun Weekend In Family

Every time a weekend is approaching I'm in a hurry to find some activities to do with my family, friends and animals too. I don't want to spend my time doing nothing. I always love to make from a simple day a wonderful one. So here I will share with you, my lovely and ultra gorgeous readers, some of my favourite activities!

Paint: is one of the best ideas you can have when thinking about a family weekend. Painting is fun, colorful and perfect for your kids.

✗ Play football: are you one of that families in love with this sport? Then you can make your football team and start playing in the backyard!

Run: Make your own marathon in your neighborhood, set a goal and a price. 

Spend precious time in nature: stay outside and enjoy your time in the wildest place of your town. 

✗ Play the Detective: just imagine yourself as Sherlock Holmes for a day. Someone else could be the murderer. Put some ketchup there, take a photo of that strange object, just let your imagination fly.

Take some photos: photo shoot is always a good idea! I love taking photos and I love how memories are always alive in the photos. 

Make a puzzle: Buy or rent one of those hard puzzles to make and take some time with your family to resolve it. 

Make some crafts;

✗ Play hide & seek;

Make a snowman: if it's winter this is one of my favourite activities to do! Also, my father can make great snowmen."Frosty, the snowman..."

Snowball fight;

Write some letters to each other in which you say what you admire and what not at the other person. You can open these after years and keep them in an chest.

✗ Make Cookies: your kids will love to help you in the kitchen. Share with them their favourite cookies recipe, let them saw how these are made.

Flour Fight: if you have space and time to clear, you can make an awesome flour fight! You can also add some colour to it and make your own colour fight!

Imagine that you are a hot model on a podium and paparazzi are there too;

✗ Do some workout: Workouts become fun when you are doing these with your family;

✗ See a movie: no matter if it's horror, comedy, romantic or drama. If you are with your loved ones, then it's the most wonderful movie of the year!

✗ Swim: if it's summer then you can spend your time in family at a swimming pool or by the sea. 

✗ Play video games: fun and competition are the two words that describe the best video games;

✗ Sing: if you love singing share your talent with your family;

✗ Go to the zoo: animals are always happy to see you. Why not trying to visit the zoo?

✗ Play, Pet & Love your furry kids: they are always there for you so try to make some time just for them. 

✗ Go Fishing: it's relaxing, just you and the nature and it's almost free!

✗ Go on a bike ride;

Go Bowling;

Go Skating;

✗ Transform your home in a Spa;

✗ Draw something;

✗ Make a new recipe;

Look at the stars on a summer night;

Hope I've helped you to have a fun and also cheap weekend with your family, friends and pets too! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Great post :) always struggle to find ideas when it comes to babysitting and family day outs, this is just what I need x


    1. Hi Rebecca! I'm so happy I helped you :) Have a nice day!