10 Things To Do In The Morning To Start A Successful Day

Mornings are hard. Especially the ones in which we need to get up earlier and go to work. But are different things that can change your morning and help you have a great day. 
Everything starts with the moment you fall asleep. I usually don't sleep until 22:00 p.m.. Just in the case I had a very hard day I fall asleep at 21:00 or 21:30 p.m.. From what I know it's good to fall asleep before midnight. In the last time I couldn't do that, until 24:00 or 01:00 a.m.
Now, let's see what you need to do in the morning to start a wonderful and successful day.

× Get up early: if you'll fall asleep earlier you'll wake up earlier. This is good for you and also your schedule.

× Take your breakfast first: I know you already heard about this, but breakfast is one of the most importantly things of this list! You can't act, work, neither shine with your stomach empty. You need energy for every activity and the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can skip the lunch or the dinner, because they don't help you as much as breakfast do. The breakfast provides you the necessary of energy for the whole day. Every meal is important and we need to start understanding this. If you cut the breakfast from your list, you are doing the biggest mistake ever. Try to make a little time for it and prepare something delicious and healthy right in the morning. I'm doing this since I was very little and I was taught by my mom, that breakfast is important

× Eat a fruit or drink some fresh juice: fruits are full of vitamins, are sweet and they can and should replace some of the sweets we consume daily. 

× Listen to your favourite song: that's right! Your favourite song will always make you smile. Or you can listen to a crazy and refreshing song you heard some time ago. Everything that makes you smile is good in the morning.

× Do a fast shower: showers in the morning are Heaven on Earth. And I'm not joking. It's so good to feel the water on your skin and it's better if is colder. That's how you can wake up on seconds.

× Make an Inspirational Board and put it on a place you can watch it from your bed: when you wake up and see the multitude of things that you absolutely love from colours to quotes and fashion tips, you'll immediately feel inspired. I did this months ago and I'm so sorry I didn't post any tutorial on this, but I hope I'll do this soon!

× Smile while still in the bed: first thing to do when you open your eyes, smile and encourage yourself, tell yourself "What a wonderful day! I'll do my best to make it unforgettable! It's a wonderful day, it's a wonderful life and I'm so thankful it's my life!". Also you can include a brainstorming of things you must do that day.

× Drink water: drink a glass of water when you wake up, because your body is really dehydrated after a night. This will make you feel better.

× If you can, before your shower do a little workout: movement decrease stress level. This is good for both, your mind and body.

× Take a deep breath: and think positively. 

That's all guys! Hope you are having a great time and see you next time with Five Ways To Beat a Bad Mood. Love ya!

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