10 Creative and Unique Uses for Ribbons

Ribbons are cool! I love them since I was little. If you do too, then you are in the perfect place. Today I'm going to show you 10 Creative Uses for Ribbons. 
Every girl should have a ribbon. No matter the size these are perfect from hairstyles to simple decorations for your cozy home. I made this list, because you know, I love ribbons. Even though I only have one big and pink ribbon, I do love them. I find these so girly and sweet!  Here it is how you can make a ribbon in simple steps:

Now, let's see the 10 Creative Uses of Ribbons! 

× For a gift: ribbons are perfect to put on a gift box. It doesn't matter if it's for Christmas, wedding or for a birthday. 

× On Hairstyles: like I've said before, you can use little ribbons or even big ones for hairstyles. Ponytails, buns or braided hairstyles can rock with just one ribbon.

× Fashion: have a plain skirt/dress? Take some material and make a ribbon on the waist. You'll look great + you'll be unique!

× As a decoration: you can simply make some ribbons for your home. Put them on your curtain with some pins or so.

× On a flower bouquet: roses are beautiful, but a little bouquet with a ribbon is Heaven! 

× On a cake: here I don't talk about real ribbons, but about eatable ribbons made of sugar. The cake will look prettier.

× For a photo frame: you can make a photo frame to look gorgeous with glue and, you guess it: a ribbon. 

× Add ribbons to a white paper lantern: it will look so sweet! Take a look at the picture below:

× Ribbons for an invitation or anniversary card;

× For a wreath: make a wreath from a multitude of ribbons. It will look cool and if you add your name it will also be personalized.

That's it all for today! What is you favorite ribbon use? What you want to add to this list? Let your opinion in the comment section below. I love to hear from you! 

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