Winter Fashion Trends 2014: How To Look Boiling Hot When It's Cold Outside

   Baby, it's cold outside!
 But this doesn't mean you are less hot. Why do you let your style freeze? Just read these tips and you'll be boiling hot, even when it's so damn cold outside! 
Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater by virsescu-alexandra featuring a gray hat

  1. Everyone has his own UGLY SWEATER! Why do you keep it in the wardrobe, without showing it to the world? I mean, seriously, the Old Ugly Sweater is so nice if you accessorize it with a cozy pair of boots, some jeans and a cool gray hat. Show your ugly sweater!  

Baby, It's Cold Outside with Dailylook: Contest Entry

Baby, It's Cold Outside with Dailylook: Contest Entry by virsescu-alexandra featuring modern bedding sets

2. The Reindeer Snowflake Footless Pantyhose Legging are gorgeous! I don't know about you, but I am in love with this type of legging! 

3. Cashmere Boat Neck Sweater from the above picture is so simple to stylish it, because of it's pattern, the light gray, that works with everything. I think is one of my favourite piece!

Frosty The Snowman...

Frosty The Snowman... by virsescu-alexandra featuring mid calf shoes

4. Cable Knit Beanie With Fur Pom Pom is the best choice for your head protection. I love beanies, and the ones with Pom Poms are my favourite, that's why I have like 6 pieces... OMG! I am a Beanieholic...?

5. This Thick Knitted Snood  has a perfect colour, that is matching with everything you put on you. Again, I must say that I am a knitted pieces fan! Maybe that's why I love so much winter looks...

6. The Beige ho ho Christmas jumper is really cute and cozy so it's perfect for a Christmas party... What you say about it? Do you wear jumpers?

7. And the number 1 Trend is the Knee High Boots. You can find them in different colours and types, and they are perfect for winter, they are cozy and they keep you warm.

What Winter Fashion Trend from 2014, you love the most? What do you wear with big pleasure? Tell us in the comment section below. Have a Happy Week! 15 More Days Before Christmas!
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