What if…? 12 Questions About Christmas.

✱ What if Santa Claus was a  woman?

I think this isn't unbelievable. Why not? If Santa was a woman I think she could be a really great character, with long hair, maybe dark, maybe not, with a red top and a skirt, with white knee boots or so. I imagine she would be tall & slim. 

What if time stops in the Christmas Eve?

I wish it will stop, but when Santa arrives! It will be interesting. Everything paused and I the only person who can walk around. 

What if Santa was blue?

It is still Santa, isn't it?

What if all the kids were bad?

I guess, Santa never came...?

What if Santa Claus brought gifts just to the bad kids?

If this ever happen, I'll be the worst kid on the Planet.

What if winter was hot and summer cold?

Hawaii still has its Christmas.

What if Santa could teleport himself?

If Santa could do this, then better for him. 

What if we will caught Santa when he will bring the gifts?

I will interrogate him, about lots of things and make him to bring me what or who I want...

What if Santa never comes again?

Noooo! This just Can't Happen!!

What if Christmas was a whole month not just three days?

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts Everywhere!

What if Santa is a teenager or a young adult?

I'll marry Santa & we will have a Merry Christmas together!

What if you'll sleep for three days this Christmas?

And to lose Christmas? No! I can't admit this!

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