Top 10 Easy Christmas Napkin Folding Tutorials

   Oh, it's Christmas time!! That period when everywhere you look you can see Santas and Elves and things like these. I've made today a shopping spree with my mom and we've bought everything we've needed for the Christmas. Now I was searching on Pinterest different topics & I've seen the napkins. The best tutorials I've found are here! Take a look and say what you think.

                                              Which one would you choose?

  1. Elf Hat: very funny and it looks gorgeous on the plate.
  2. Simple, but Elegant
  3. Triple Pocket Napkin Fold
  4. Bow Style Napkin Fold
  5. La Serviette Sapin Napkin Fold
  6. Rose Style Napkin Fold
  7. Elf Shoe Napkin Folding Tutorial
  8. Paper Santa Clause Napkin
  9. Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

     I wish I will have the time to make one of these tutorials. If not then these will still  be available next year. Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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