A Letter To Santa Claus: "Dear Santa...

" Dear Santa,

   I've missed you a lot. Last year, I really can't remember what I've got from you, but a feeling that I have is saying it was something nice. This year, please be good again. You know how sweet I was whole over the year, how obediently I was, only you know how many good deeds I've made, how many people smiled because of me
  I've heard some kids yesterday, saying that you're not real. But you know something, Santa? I don't care what they say. I believe in you! You were there when I was little, you are here now & I think you'll always be by my side. Maybe my parents were your elves, your mini helpers... 
  Oh, Santa Claus! I made mistakes, I'm not so little anymore! I can't believe that time has flew so quickly! I will wait for you, in the living room with a cup of milk and some delicious cookies made by me & my mom. 

So Santa, do you want to know why I've send you this letter?

   Not because I want something Santa. No. This year I've achieved everything I've wanted & now I think I have everything I need. I'm happy Santa. I'm so, so happy. You've always made my wishes came true, and now I only have a wish left. I wish, dear Santa that you are happy too! It's hard to be old & make other people happy. Sometimes we just forget about ourselves. But Santa, this year, I hope you won't forget about my wish and simply be happy. Thank you for reading this!

That's all Santa! Now I need to go!

Your sincerely,

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