6 Super Cool New Year's Eve Myths/Superstitions

Nice to see you again! The New Year's Eve is coming! How many of you don't do these thing on New Year's Eve? I do! I follow some of the myths below. Most of them are very popular in my family. Myths or not, they are part of the tradition. So let's see some of them!

× Wearing new clothes: in my family this is almost one of the rules. I always wear something new especially on New Year's Eve. People believe this mean you'll have new clothes for the whole year.

× Money in your pockets: another rule if we can say so is to have some money in your pockets in the New  Year's Eve. This means that you'll have money all the year.

× Chicken is bad luck: so stay away from chicken. This is the first year when I heard this superstition, but my mom said we won't eat chicken in the New Year's Eve, just to be sure we won't be unlucky in the upcoming year.

× Don't give your stuff to anybody on New Year's Eve: it's not indicate that your stuff leaves the house especially on the New Year's Eve. No matter if are money, precious items or other things, if you give them in this special night, you'll be followed by poverty in the new year.

× Eat fish: it's important to eat it with head and tail. Fish is similar to abundance and that's why they are considered good luck food.

× Wearing something red: in Romania it's similar to good luck. It doesn't matter if it is your underwear, dress or a simple thread.

That's all I know you should or shouldn't do on New Year's Eve. No matter what, just remember this:
have fun! Have a nice day too!


  1. cool superstitions! i haven't heard of any of these before, but they're so interesting!! hope you have a happy new year!

    1. Hi Julia! Thank you for your nice comment! Yeah, these are interesting and are so much more! The world is an interesting place! These are just a few I have heard of. Again, thank you and I hope 2015 will be good with you! Have a nice day!