11 Ways To Relax After A Hard Day + 9 Bonus

Hi there! After so much food and drinks and lot of fun, some of us really need a pause to breath. That's why today, I taught it will be nice to share with you guys a list of relaxing ways. We all have busy schedules and are coming home very exhausted. So for all of us I have made this top ten activities to help you get that relaxed mood. 

× Music: I think music is the best remedy for everyone! For relaxing yourself you need some slow music I think. That's what works for me! 

× Hot Baths: After a day in the office, or staying too much on heels, hot bubble baths are perfect for getting us in that mood. Think about it: candles, hot water, delicate perfumes, just you and that bath.

× Take your book and leave this world. Escape into another world, why not? 

× Tea is perfect for me. Maybe you already know that I am a tea maniac. I love it so much! 
Especially the mint one.

× If it's summer, you can always lay down in your hammock. Just listen to the birds, look at the blue blue sky and enjoy your time. Again, I love to do this, even in the summer nights, looking at the stars, listening to music, dreaming with eyes wide open. I do this a lot in the Summer.

× For winter drink hot chocolate by the fire, enjoy the snowflakes from inside and take your favourite sweater on you.

× Do some sport: it doesn't matter you are doing a little workout at home, outside or going to the gym, it matters that you are doing it!

× Take your time for your favourite hobby: it's always a pleasure to work a little more at your favourite hobby. This can't be called work at all! 

× Go for a walk, relax, rediscover yourself and the world around you. Breath.

× Go to the Spa and get your massage. If not, just make it all yourself,  massage your hand. And if it is too hard, then someone else can do it for you.

× Smell something you like such as flowers, citrus or cinnamon!


× Dance: Like no one is seeing you. Do what you know, how you want, on your favourite song rhythm.

× Play with your pet: dogs are known for their loyalty, cats for their elegance, parrots for talking and the list can go on and on and on. Spend some time with them, because they are always there for you!

× Meditate: no matter if you are in your bed, living or somewhere in the middle of the nature. Take some time to simply breath and think about the things you've did.

× Read some jokes: laughing is always a good way to relax. Watch a comedy, read some jokes or simply remember a funny event. 

× Eat at the restaurant;

× Eat your favourite meal;

× Go shopping: I love to do this! Shop. Shop. Shop. I can do this for my whole life!

× Talk to your family or friends;

× Go out with your friends: bowling, shopping, enjoying your time in the nature, with friends is always better!

This is all for today: Hope that you are having a great time! See you soon!

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