My Dream Life

   I have only one life and so many things to do. That's what I think sometimes. I want to do strange, weird things, in contradiction with the things my parents want me to do. If I am thinking, I see myself, in a modern house on the beach with great technology and secret rooms, I also see me in a big mansion somewhere in the mountains, or in a beautiful, old house. I am always thinking about animals when I say future, because from when I was little, I have always wanted to help saving more animals, I have always wanted to open an animal shelter named Milagros- Miracle in English. So yeah, I am seeing myself, travelling whole over the world, saving animals and learning/discovering new things.
  I am also passionate about fashion, architecture and writing. I can imagine how it will be to travel, save animals and write about my experiences. I would love to write two thousands more than I do now and my last year wish, came true, because I have finished a novel and all I have to do now is to rewrite it where it needs. I don't like to do this, but it's necessary. I can't see me with kids, but maybe, just maybe I will have one or two...Don't know...
  I would love to raise lions and tigers, and other wild animals, which parents have died. I want to make this world a better place. I want to make the people understand that animals are so much more intelligent than what we think. I love this quote:
“When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when the tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity.”
 I think I will have a big library, because I read a lot. The books are my best friends, my second home/life. I have cried for imaginary characters from books and movies too.
  That's how I see my future, but "The train never stops" so you never know where you'll be. The future is made by your decisions so I will make mine with intelligence. Love you all and see you soon!

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