How To Make A Cool Pinecone In Very Easy Steps

Hello to every single one of you out there reading my post! Today I want to share with you some strange tutorial, that I've found on Pinterest, (my crazy love), about how to make an ombre pinecone. I have updated this to my own version about a single colour pinecone with some glitter. I love how it is looking. It doesn't took me too long. Just ten minutes or so. All you need is gouache in what colour/colours you want to paint that pinecone, an old toothbrush for cleaning the pinecone( I have lately seen a tutorial about how to really clean a pinecone, leaving it in water for I don't remember how much time...) anyway, and if you want some glitter nail polish, and obviously a pinecone, hahaha.
I have put that pinecone over a white piece of paper just to make sure that I won't make a lot of mess with it. I have brushed the pinecone carefully.
Then I have ppainted the part from the base, just one part of it and upper with glitter nail polish.

At the end I have added the red gouache and make it all of the rest with it. 
NOTE: I have painted just the tiny peaks.
And that's all! Enjoy and make many of these, put the in a bowl, put them a bow or let them around your Christmas Tree.


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    1. Thank you for sending me this, but right now I won't enter your giveaway. Sorry...