There's a Story Behind Every Person

   I have always knew that people are special. We all have our own stories, with our own mistakes and decisions. These are the things we are made of. At a time another human being needs our help. Need our story. I think everyone has it's own reasons to be who they are. No matter if they are good or bad. They are who they are because of the moments they have been through. I love to hear stories.    Not really all kind of stories, but the ones I think can help me. I love to hear about my genealogy and about some sort of history. In the last time I am really captivated by a story of my family, where one of my mother's aunts is possibly the daughter of an important writer. I love this story because of its mystery.
   The past, the present and the future we are the ones who create them. No one can hold the pen to write our own story. We need to be the single writers, we need to hear our gut and take our own decisions. Even think so, sometimes it's good to hear and learn some things from different stories similar to our story. We have our road, our dreams, our mission. So yeah, take your own decisions, do what you want, follow your gut, but always, take a moment to see another people story.

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