50 Words You Need To Start Using

   After a long period, here I am again, choosing to write. In the last month I have been very busy, like I said in so many ways. Today I want to choose like 50 Words we all need to use often.
So let's start this crazy list!

    • ailurophile, noun: a lover of cats, a cat fancier;
    • diaphanous, adjective: characterized by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through;
    • eloquence, noun: discourse marked by force and persuasiveness; the art or power of using such discourse;
    • ephemeral, adjective:  lasting a very short time;
    • ineffable, adjective: incapable of being expressed in words;
    • lagoon, noun:  an area of sea water that is separated from the ocean by a reef or sandbar;
    • mellifluous, adjective: having a smooth, flowing sound;
    • scintilla, noun: a very small amount of something;
    • sumptuous, adjective: very expensive, rich, or impressive;
    • tintinnabulation, noun: the sound of ringing bells;
    • Amorphous: indefinite, shapeless;
    • Cashmere: fine, delicate wool;
    • Effervescent: bubbly;
    • Quiescent: peaceful;
    • Cinnamon: an aromatic spice; its soft brown color;
    • Rhapsodic: intensely emotional;
    • Sapphire: rich, deep bluish purple;
    • Crepuscular: dim, or twilit;
    • Spherical: ball-like, globular;
    • Tranquility: peacefulness;
    • Halcyon: happy, sunny, care-free;
    • Idyllic: contentedly pleasing;
    • Chrysalis: protective covering;
    • Chatoyant: like a cat’s eye.
    • Leisure: free time;
    • Penumbra: a half-shadow;
    • Petrichor: the smell of earth after rain;
    • Plethora: a large quantity;
    • Susurrous: whispering, hissing;
    • Umbrella: protection from sun or rain;
    • Mignonette: a herbaceous plant with spikes of small fragrant greenish flowers;
    • hullabaloo:  a very noisy and confused situation;
    • cybermyalgia (noun) : aches, pain, and stiffness resulting from overuse of computers;
    • elliptical (verb) : to work out on an Elliptical machine;
    • shawty (noun) : a girl a woman;
    • jagaloon (noun) : an adult who is immature and irresponsible;
    • carpilepsy (noun) : a condition characterized by suddenly falling asleep as a passenger in a car;
    • feralistic (adjective) : of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast;
    • wonderous (adjective) : wondrous;
    • evility (noun) : evil behavior;
    • meology (noun) : the study of your beliefs and personality;
    • eustress (noun) : beneficial stress;
    • hesistant (adjective) : hesitant and resistant;
    • swaggle (noun) : a way of walking with swagger and a wiggling motion;
    • untakeawayable (adjective) : not able to be taken away;
    • batopphobia (noun) : the fear of very tall things (such as skyscrapers or mountains);
    • luncheteria (noun) : lunchroom;
    • mulah (noun) : money : moola;
    • heliophobia (noun) : abnormal fear of the sun or sunlight.
    What is your favourite word? Do you have your own list with beautiful words? Then share it in the comment section below. Have a nice day!

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