Spooky Story- The Third Part Of Halloween Marathon

31st of October. She was leaving the house, crying. The tears fall down of her face like a summer shower. She couldn't think of anything else but the cemetery. This is the place she loved the most. Here she always feel safe and not so lonely, because her parents were there. She stopped to run when her eyes met the cemetery's gates. She was blocked in the middle of the street. She knew that the cemetery is opened every single day, but now it was locked. The gates were locked. She fixed the gates with her look, but nothing happened. This was perfectly logical. She turned her back to the gates and started to walk with the eyes at the ground. But then, the gates have opened. A squeaky sound made her face turn to the front gates. She couldn't believe her eyes. How in the world this happened? She run to the gates and entered the cemetery. Next to the big, old walnut were the graves of her loved ones. But now, in their place were Mary and George Crosswery. Again her mind was exploding in front of such a problem. She looked to the left, she looked to the right, but her parents were not. Neither was Michael Lawford, an old neighbour who died two months after her parents and loved her like his niece. No one she knew was there. Everything was changed. She sat down next to the walnut, speaking by herself, and asking stupid questions. The fog came in the cemetery in a violent and unexpected mode. From nowhere, a crow flight on the tree. It started to talk slowly but clearly
" This Halloween you are the one. The gods and monsters are waiting for you to come. Just one more step my dear one. You need to write on this tree a lovely poem."
Her eyes were wide opened and her mouth was trying to say something. But this was impossible. And like she was under a spell, her hand was up ready to scratch the tree with the nails that appeared in a magically way.
A small and intelligible poem she wrote in an unknown language. Shortly the fog disappeared and the dark took it place. She saw a light in the dark, far away from there and she followed it.  Her parents were there, but their faces were full of blood and their hand were scratched. They started to scream at her. And came closer like zombies. She was terrified so she stepped back. She was falling in a big hole.
The next day she wake up next to her favourite book, in the bed. The music was on and she knew that was just a nightmare. When she went to the bathroom she was scared to discover the poem she wrote on the tree printed on the mirror.

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