Dear Cup Of Coffee...

   Today, 5 th October 2014, I felt your taste again. I don't know how, but you little cup of coffee, you can always make me feel special, appreciate, loved. It doesn't matter if you are cold or hot, you are perfect anyway. Your smell drives me crazy, and sometimes I want so bad to smell like you, so irresistable and simply, but still complexly delicious.      Every day I want to feel you rushing through my body, making me feel fresh. I love you more when you are in my favourite classicaly cup. You always know how to make a person to fall in love with you. With sugar and milk, or simple coffee with a cookie, with milk cream or without you are perfect to me. I hope you will never leave me. I need you, like I need air and I want to drink you more often, because to me you are my elixir. Oh, my dear coffee, do you love me too? Do you think, we can continue our romance? I hope the answers are yes to both of my questions. What is for sure, is that I do love you and that I want to drink you for every morning, lunch and evening of my life. I love you, my dear coffee,
 your sincerely, coffee addicted,

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