Dear Autumn...

" Dear Autumn,
Every day in your presence is a blessing. You always bring the best in me and starting with September, ending with November you make me feel comfortable, and you make me feel like home. Home is where your heart is, right? My heart belongs to you, only to you... Yellow, red, dark orange leaves, are falling from the trees and that's another thing I love. Big cups of hot chocolate, sweet marshmallows all around a bonfire with friends, long nights, better sleep... Rainy days, hot coffee or tea with a perfect book, cozy bed, next to a fireplace, slow music, deep lyrics. Big, extra-large sweaters, dark lipstick, Halloween, pumpkins, Frankenstein, boots, hats, nice coats and lovely bags. Fashion is also feeling home with you. Armchairs, lots of pillows, beautiful dreams, the moon, the stars, the untold stories... Oh, and what about the candles, the vanilla smell, the gold? Autumn is about so much more... Polaroids, long hair, cozy boots, long walks, bubble baths, wonderful gloves and the colours... from gold to orange and dark red... Autumn is home for me and for many of us. Autumn is nostalgic and always makes my heart to beat again. 'Cause Autumn is home..."     

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