USA Grandparent's Day 7 september: Gift Ideas

  Hello everyone! Grandparent's day is almost here so I was thinking about a small but significant post about grandparents and the perfect gifts for them. Though I only have one grandmother alive and that lives far away from me, I always loved the  idea of a careful and loving grandmother with a  intelligent and understanding grandfather.
  Like all of you I have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. Unluckily I've lost my mother's father and my father's mother  before I was born. I have never seen them in person, but I have a statue, a bust with my grandfather and I have seen photos with him. I have also heard a lot about him and we were born in the same month. I know that he was a beautiful person, not really in the way he looked, but in the way he helped others. I know that we both love to draw and also we are both intelligent people. With my grandmother I just saw one single photo, but I have also heard a lot about her. Like my grandfather she was a very good person.
   My father's father and my mother's mother were the ones I had the pleasure to know. My grandfather loved me a lot and he died six years ago. I miss him, even though he wasn't the best person in the world. My grandmother is still alive, but she lives at 400 km. from us, which is really a lot. I never liked to stay at her, because I was always very attached with my parents. I always screamed " Daddy, Daddy..." when they left me there. She isn't a very nice person, but I love her. 
Here in Romania, we don't have a grandparent's day, but I love the idea so I will help you to get the best gift possible for your grandparent.
Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect gift:

  1. A beautiful card maybe made by you: this is the perfect gift for me, because we all know that is better to do something ourselves and put a piece of our heart. So go and do one!
  2. A framed photo: are you having a very good memory with your grandparent frozen in a photo? Go and frame it! 
  3. You know that object that your grandparent loves, but don't have time/ money to repair? You can do that for him/ her.
  4. A craft will also be a good idea. If you have kids on your own, you can make something with paint, like a foot print heart shaped or with hands print.
  5. A t-shirt with a funny/ cool message.
So these are five ideas for a grandparent's day gift. Hope I have helped you. Have nice day!

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