Steve Jobs Inspirational Quote

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else´s life.” - Steve Jobs
    Hi! After a long weekend with my whole family, including my sister who came from 400 km. distance for my birthday, I am back. 
   Today I will talk about one of my favourite quotes right now, one from Steve Jobs. I think is very important for us all to stay and think for a moment about what we've did in life. 
   Have we said all the things we've wanted? Have we loved who we've wanted to? Have we did all the things we've dreamed? If the answers is yes, you are a lucky person, but many of us would say no. Our time is limited, we can be dead after one minute, hour or day, or we can be dead after months or years from now. 
   What we truly have is now, this moment we spend reading this phrase. It's the only certain thing. We can't let anyone else to decide for us. We need to learn to do the right things, to take the right decisions. Don't be just a stranger in your own life. Don't let other to make the decisions you should to. 
   Go ahead, take the ropes of your life and make what your heart/brain is saying. You shouldn't do what your parents want to. You shouldn't be what they see in you. You should only be your unique and perfect version. You should only be what you see in you. 
   Hope I have inspired you. I wish you to have a nice day! Love you all!

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