Short Story: The Siren

"Get back!" he yelled, but I didn't. I was running to the blue crystalline water. My heart needed this. My heart was locked in these waves. I've touched the cold breath-taking water and in a short time I was almost to the neck in cold water.  A refreshing shower was what I needed. The silver moon was right above my head and his voice was far away. I left myself  to float and then I sank; I was feeling that blessed water in every single pore of my skin. My hair was like millions of tentacles... I didn't felt that pain anymore. His voice was searching me, but I didn't want to get back. I always dreamed to be a siren."

Hello There! This was a short fragment that was on my mind when I have opened the new post tab. It isn't from any book, I have write this and has no continuation. It was just a simple game of my mind. Hope you like it! Leave your comment below because I am really excited to read it. Right now I am writing a novel, but it is in Romanian and has nothing to do with sirens. I wish you a gorgeous weekend and an extraordinary week! I don't know when I will post again, because right now I have a lot of work. Thank you for your attention!

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