How To Find Drawing Ideas: 5 Places That I Use To Find Inspiration

   Hello! Like you already know( I think so), I love to draw. I am not good at drawing from my imagination, but I am the best at copying someone else's work. I am a perfectionist, in love with details so hard drawings are my favourite!
  It's really hard to find some good artwork to make yourself. Like I've said I am a perfectionist and I just don't like to work at simple drawings so when I search I rarely find what I like. My favourite places to search for drawings are usually:

 My first favourite place to search for drawing ideas is 

Pinterest: I am a pinteraholic and I just love to search here for 

projects, news about my favourite actors or just a recipe. I just 

type "Drawing Ideas" and I am always surprised by their talent.

 Once I was in love with searching on WeHeartit, but now I do 

this once in awhile. 

 Google is also one of my options when Pinterest doesn't satisfy 

me. I search for pencil drawings or drawing ideas and I always 

find great ideas!

 Deviantart: I have used a couple times and it's great to work 

with it. Extremely talented people are here sharing their art work 

even if it is digital.

 Last but not least! I also search for drawing ideas in magazines. 

Some of them are really useful. 

So these are my favourite places. What are yours? Have a nice day!