Don't Say Goodbye - Say Thank You

Hello! How are you? After a long week I am finally again here. I also was in my last post, but now it's weekend I can say that I have missed you a lot! Today I will write about Don't Say Goodbye - Say Thank You, a blog post that has the mission to inspire other people and motivate them to never, but never say goodbye, just Thank You, because everything in this life is a lesson that we don't need to say goodbye to. We need every single lesson in our lives, because of them we grow and we change in the way we should be. Thank you to that song, that changed your point of view. Thank you to your parents that teached you the best. Thank you to that old friend that have left you when you needed. Thank you to the rain that never stops to fall. Thank you to the bright white snow. Thank you to that stranger, to the sun, to the moon. Thank you to everything that ever stepped in your life. These things made you who you are. These are the things that make us stronger. Everything has it's own reason to be in  your life and you need to have the strength to find out that reason. " Thank You! " it's maybe the hardest thing to say, but it's necessary in order to be happy and feel free. Goodbye is also good, but it's better to say a Thank You. Like I've said we need every single lesson so never forget it. 

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