Changing Your Office Space With Some Vibrant Paint Colours

   Hello Everyone! I have so much to say to you like what happened yesterday, when I came home... I opened my Twitter, @alexandralocked , and I clicked on the notifications like always. BOOM! What I saw? Alex Sirvent my brand new favourite actor and first of all singer and songwriter from the last telenovela Lo Que La Vida Me Robo Followed Me!
 Here is the photo:
And now  let's talk about office space and how important it is to feel inspired while working. I often write in bed, but I always loved just the idea of having a beautiful office with vibrant inspirational colours and beautiful little things that make the difference. Like I said even though I have a desk, I don't really like to write or even stand there. I write in my comfy bed and read in the hammock and when it's possible I draw outside, at the table. 
Some ideas for your office are colours like bright yellow, green or pink. Also bright blue or orange are good. And now let's use the psychology to find out which is better or perfect for your office.

   Green inspires concentration in a home office. It's better to paint the walls in a light green, but don't add to many things green. You are not in a jungle! Just a few things green are better than too much or none at all.

  ❤ Yellow is the colour  of the mind and the intellect, it is an optimistic colour, perfect for feeling more confident.

   Pink is good for tranquility and it's more for a girlish room or a meditation zone. It creates a lack of energy.

   Blue is for trust and peace. It suggest loyalty and integrity.
   Orange is for optimism and social communication. It also increase energy.

So these are some ideas of bright colours perfect for your office.

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