Back to School: 3 Things You Can't Forget

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   School is almost here and I am more nervous than happy... I can't figure it out when the Summer started and when it ended. I am feeling so exhausted! This holiday it was nice, but too short for what I need. Yeah, maybe that's it what we all say about every holiday, but it's the pure truth. Now that are three more days of freedom and holiday, I was thinking about writing a post with the topic of Back To School and 3 Things You Can't Forget. What are you saying about starting this?

Back to School: 3 Things You Can't Forget

School Rag white top, 155 RON / Ralph Lauren Blue Label polo jacket, 3.150 RON / Blue jeans, 86 RON / Black shoes, 44 RON / Moschino backpack, 2.520 RON / The Cambridge Satchel Company leather backpack, 755 RON / Juicy Couture pink backpack, 940 RON / Disney backpack, 135 RON / Disney backpacks bag, 105 RON / Charlotte Russe canvas flap backpack, 92 RON / OMAS Limited Ed. Milord Noir Ballpoint Pen, 1.425 RON / Aurora Ipsilon Resin fountain pen, 460 RON / kate spade new york ballpoint pen, 125 RON / kate spade new york To-Do List Ball Point Pen, 125 RON / Kate Spade New York Notebook Set - Black Stripe/Rose, 41 RON / Happy Jackson A6 Great Ideas Notebook, 39 RON / campus a5 notebook, 22 RON / You Brighten Up My Life Lightbulb Notebook | I Ended Up Here..., 16 RON / Wilko Wiro Notebook Hardback A5, 6,90 RON

These things, probably you already know, but you can't start the year without paper and a pencil at least. You will need notebooks and pens to write with. Also you need to repeat the last year lessons. It's good for you and also for your notes.

 School outfit is really important. You can't go to school in ripped jeans or with a transparent top. If your school has uniform you need to wear it. If not try to wear something like a white shirt or t-shirt and black trousers.

▧  Backpacks are also important! You need one in which you can put the books and notebooks, your pens & pencils and also some food & water.

So these were the 3 Things You Can't Forget! You can let a comment with your Top 3 Things You Can't Forget and also your opinion about this post. Have fun! Love you all!

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