5 Songs That I am In Love With

Hello! How is your day? It's the first day of fall and outside it's a bit, but just a bit windy. Five days more until my birthday and I am already feeling older. But that's fine! We all get older with every single day... Today I want to share with you my brand new taste in music. I really want to listen to these songs over and over again! These are fantastic! I found them on TV, because these songs are from the telenovela that I love the most, Lo Que La Vida Me Robo.
Listen to these songs and have a nice day!

Luja - Amores De Cristal:

 Alex Sirvent - Gracias:

 Daher - Gracias:

 Alex Sirvent - Cruzare Mil Mares:

 Aleks Syntek - Corazones Invencibles:

Love you all!

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