Pink Love

   Hello! How is your summer? I'm feeling inspired more and more with every breath I take! Today I want to write about pink and my love for pink. 
   Like you see in this image I chose the colour pink and made a beautiful outfit with it in Polyvore. I am a big fan of Polyvore. My first love as an outfit maker was Looklet, but things has changed because Looklet has changed and now I am a Polyvore addicted.
  Like you may know, pink is my love too. I like it because it's very feminine and pretty. Yeah, I think the word pretty makes sense. It's like it's the definition of pink. In this outfit I really love the flip flops are awesome!
  The butterflies are so cute! I admit that I don't like bugs and I don't like to touch a butterfly, but I like to look at them, I like their diversity...
 The sunglasses have a nice round shape and a beautiful light pink shade. I also like the message " Hello Sunshine!" it's really revitalizing. 
And I think I forget to tell you, but this week I'll be far away from here, at the beach. But don't be sad I will let you with tons of posts. I love you all! Have a wonderful summer!!


  1. I thought this was really cute and brightened my day! Good post :)

    1. Hello! Sorry for not responding to your comment, but I was in a beautiful holiday, at the beach. Thank you for your lovely comment, it brightened my day too! xoxo