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  Today is the day to let you see my last sets on Polyvore. The first two are done two minutes ago and I really like the Mustard items from them. I think I just made an obsession about mustard clothes and accessories.
  You already know that pink is my favourite colour so you won't be suprised to see a pink sweater below  and heart shaped balloons. At the last set my favourite item is definitely the fox bag. I find it so cute, absolutely adorable! The pairs of shoes of each set are the ones that    I want for me as soon as possible. I find them very comfortable and easy to put them in an outfit. Their colours are black, mint or light brown so it's really easy to wear them with almost everything.
   So yeah, these are my last Polyvore sets. Take a look and let your opinion in the comments. I will also appreciate if you are from Polyvore too, to take a look at my profile. I would love to see your profiles and sets too, so let your link at the end of the comment. Love you all! Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Mustard Set

Mustard It's The Colour Of The Moment

Pink Sweater Love

60 Seconds Style Fall

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