Instagram Recap

Hello again! Also today I want to make a little Instagram Recap for all the pics of this Summer! I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I do! Let's start!

  1. The first photo is a edited version of the third photo. I did this just for fun. I was in the way to the beach as you can see and my sister took this photo.
  2. The big and cute elephant was walking with his supervisor in Eforie Nord. We were getting out of the car when he walked by. It was very funny!
  3. You already know the story!
  4. He is my beautiful nephew, the little one! 
  5. A beautiful pic of me and my older sister Livia. She is so gorgeous! I love her so much!
  6. Sixth photo is with a ship on the sea. I like it!
  7. In this photo you can see me in front of the KFC! I love KFC! In the back is my wonderful mother! And the one who took this picture is my sister again!
  8. Oh, beautiful sea!
  9. Two of my favourite camels ever!

So here are 9 of the pics from my holiday! Hope you like this post! See you soon! Love you all!

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