How To Stay Inspired: 20 Ways To Get Over Writer's Block

   Hello everybody! I can't believe that summer is almost done and my birthday is almost here! Hahaha! I don't want to get older... Forever young I wanna be! Forever youngggggg! Okay, sorry! I am not getting that old. Anyway, today I want to make a post that will help you and also that will remember me in hard times, about how to stay inspired with 20 ways to get over the writer's block. I am not a specialist and I am not the best to get an advice about this topic, because I am a writer who's writer's blocks come and go without knowing...
  What I can say is that I read a lot about staying inspired topic and I think that now I can clearly make a post about this. We all have writer's block at a moment. It's that feeling when you have no idea what to do, what to write or you simply find yourself in the middle of a phrase without knowing how to continue it. Writer's block is a condition, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. I will show you 20 ways about how to get over writer's block.

Go and do something new: don't just write. Stop writing for a few hours or days and do something new, like painting, garden work, stay with kids or anything else. Think about what other hobbies you have and go, do them.
Dance, move your body, be active.
➳ Write about anything, about something new for 15 minutes. This will help your brain to be more creative and to think more.
For some of us, deadlines are good when it comes to writer's block, but for me I don't know how they are. I never tried to set deadlines and really keep them. I am a bit afraid of them. I just want to write and write when I want and when I have time. I've been reading about people that have writer's block because of deadlines.  I think that deadlines are a good idea for some writers and a bad idea for the other.
Take short trips or walks: no matter if you go for a stroll with your dog in the evening or even in the morning, or if you go in a short, weekend trip with your family and friends. These will help you and will keep you inspired. Pay attention to what you and your family do, pay attention to the conversations and you will be inspired in minutes. Let your life to be your inspiration.
Take notes: always have a notebook with you. Did you heard a nice conversation? write it in your notebook. Have you seen a beautiful person? write her/his face details in your notebook. Have you seen a beautiful place? describe it in your notebook. You get the idea!
Eliminate distractions such as TV, Internet or the Phone. Be 100% concentrate and everything will come naturally. 
Read. Read. Read. This is what writers do! They write a lot and Read a lot! Read a new book, a magazine or the newspaper. Just read!
Listening to music is always a good idea. You can also get ideas for writing from Youtube music videos. 
Inspiring quotes are my favorites when it comes to writer's block. Here is my Pinterest board with Inspirational Things including and especially quotes:

 Drink some coffee or tea. This will make you feel a lot more energized and productive. 
Try to write in a new place such as your yard or at a cafe.
You can take a look at my Writing Inspiration Board on Pinterest:

Take a nap. Sleeping is a good way to make new ideas. Your dreams are a good inspiration for your art.
You can start anywhere: you don't need to start with the first line if you have no idea. Go and write about the end or the middle if you know what you want to say.
➳  Edit only when you are done. Use this like a rule. It's not good for you to edit when you have the ideas burning in your head. Edit after you are finished.
Take a bath: a bubble bath with candles and soft music will help you relax and also will give you some extra ideas when you are at the desk trying to write.
Look at an old album or at photos that you've been taking. 
Take a break: enjoy your pets company or do something you like, maybe some cooking or precious time with friends and family.

I hope I have helped you! See you soon! Love you all! 
If you have other ideas I would love to see them in the comments. Thank you for your attention!

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