How To Dress For A Wedding: Tips & Ideas

   Hello! How are you today? Hope you are having fun this summer! Today I want to write about Summer Weddings, because we all know that summer is the perfect season for weddings.
  I just saw lots of questions about how to dress for a wedding and I am not saying that I am perfect at styling pieces of clothes for a perfect outfit, but I want to help you to have a great time at that summer wedding. 
  Also I want you to feel good, confident, beautiful and not last, prettier than ever.
  So you are going to a wedding and you don't know what to pick or how to style it. The first thing you need to know is that the bride needs and is the most beautiful at the wedding. You don't need to be more than the bride. You need to like what you see and that's it. Your outfit's colours must be similar to the colours theme of the wedding. You aren't a salad!

  Pick something simple, something that you like. You need to be elegant, but also you need to have fun. So try to pick a simple dress and put nude pumps for longer legs, or if your dress is too simple put some bright high heels and a clutch. If in the wedding day is cold, or just in case, take with you and a beautiful coat, blazer, just to be sure you won't leave till the wedding stops. I have made some wedding outfits that I hope you like just to make sure you understand what I say and to help you feel inspired.

  For the makeup keep it way more simple. Baby pink or rose pink lipstick or just  a lip gloss, smokey eyes are just for night so make sure to put a simple day makeup, you can look for a light eye shadow and a concealer. An eyeliner will always look good so give it a try. Rose blush and some mascara and you are ready to shine! 

How To Dress For A Wedding

How To Dress For A Wedding!

Hope I have inspired you! If you are  going to a wedding I will be more than happy to see your outfits! If you have any questions or other ideas that you want to share, let a comment! Thank you and I love you all!

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  1. Thanks for sharing tips for dressing in weddings. Well, I am also planning my wedding these days and these ideas will be helpful for me. Already booked chicago wedding venues and now just need to book makeup artist for my special day.