Don't Think. Just Act. Follow your heart

   Aloha! I'm back from my summer holiday! I've spend it in Constanta with my bigger sister and my bigger brother. A beautiful summer vacation with my family! I will come soon with pics! Some of them you can find on Instagram!
   This post is all about our decisions that we take with our heart and that are sometimes the best. Like I said in the title, are moments in life when you simply need to don't think and just act. When you need to follow your heart. I think these moments  are the ones that will always make us happy. You know that moment when your heart wants to fly to a beautiful place like the one in the image, but the brain keeps to say that you have a job, a family, plans with friends and you lose in front of the mind?    We all have these moments when we want to escape from this mad world, but not much of us do. If I could have a supernatural power I will prefer to fly rather than to teleport to places. My heart desires to fly. It keeps pushing in my chest and I am afraid of losing it. But what can we do in front of this situation? Nothing! We keep to breath, hoping that our heart won't leave us, won't fly away. We are her prisoners. We don't have the last word. She has. 

So tell me now, what you think is better? To follow your brain or to don't think at all and just act following your heart?

For me it's hard to really say the answer to this question. In some situations I follow my heart, but in others it's all about the brain. Maybe we should combine these two ways and see what happens. Until next time I wish you to have fun! I'm happy that I am back! Love you all!

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