Yvorion My Fresh New Magazine

   Hello guys! How are you? I'm very happy to announce that my new magazine is finally ready to go! It's named Yvorion, because I think it's really cool and unique, perfect for what the magazine is about.
  Yvorion is a fresh new magazine about fashion, beauty, home decor, inspiration and Polyvore. You will be fascinated by the diversity and you'll feel so inspired! It will be very easy for you to choose your outfits by simply reading this new magazine. Yvorion is trying to help you look gorgeous and feel beautiful! You will always find here new tips and tricks, ideas and lot of inspiration!
Quote: "Less is More."
   I will make like one issue per month and I am really happy to share this with you! You can only access the magazine through the link below:
  My dreams really came true, because I have found Joomag, a great place to make and sell magazines. I always dreamed about a magazine, about my magazine and here it is. Fresh, unique, fashionable, designed and made integrally by me! This magazine I hope will help you and will make you see things in a different light. You can Buy it right  Now if you like it. I will appreciate every single comment about it. I want to know if you like it or not, why you like it or not and if it has helped you. I worked a lot at it, I searched and researched just to make a simple, but useful magazine. Hope you will have fun reading and learning those tips! I will be more than happy to see your advice or opinion. Have a nice week!

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