Top 10 Things That I'm Addicted To

Hi! Today I want to share with you 10 Things That I'm Addicted To. They are not the only things that drive me crazy. Let's say they are my hobbies, passions or something like this. In the end I want to know what are your things that you can't live without. Why are we still here? Let's get started!

▲Blogger: Maybe isn't something new for you, but since I started this blog I'm kind of addicted to it. Everyday I'm thinking about new ways to promote it and new blog posts ideas. I'm spending more than 60% of my time on internet on this blog. I'm happy that I made it! I'm happy that I have this blog and that step by step it's more popular.

PinterestLike I said in this post I'm very addicted to Pinterest! Every day I am looking and searching through different categories, trying new tutorials and DIYs or simply reading quotes. I'm a big fan of Pinterest !

▲Coffee: Did someone said coffee? I'm in love with coffee, no matter that it is with milk or without! I love, love, love coffee! It's my favourite drink, on the same place with tea and juice and also water!

▲One Direction: I don't know about you, but I am a Directioner! Me and One Direction have a relationship of two wonderful years and 3 almost 4 months! They are such beautiful angels! Their voices, their attitude... I am so grateful I found about them! My mother is a Directioner too! I love these boys so so much! They've changed my life in a wonderful way! They added a bit of magical music to it! Hahaha! I'm addicted to them and I have an entire wall full of posters with them. 

Polyvore: Another great site that I am addicted to is Polyvore. I have an account for one year and something. I love to create sets even that they aren't the best. I like to put things together and see what results. Here is my Polyvore account where you can follow me: thank you!

▲Writing and Drawing: These are my favourite hobbies. I like to build a world on my own and make the characters to do what I want. I also like to draw and paint. I'm very good at copying other's work. 

▲Watermelons: This is not really my life addiction, but this summer I eat and eat and eat watermelons! I don't think I  ate so many watermelons in my life! 

▲Fashion:  I like to look and feel good! I don't follow the crowd and I think that I have an unique style. My looks are influenced by my mood. 

 ▲Music:  From Ed Sheeran to One Direction, from Katy Perry to Neon Jungle, from Cher Lloyd to The Vamps, from The Beatles to Michael Jackson, I am in love with music. I am also listening to new random music, but sometimes all I need is Ed Sheeran or One Direction...

▲Internet: The biggest addiction that I have is the Internet Addiction! Even that I'm simply searching the internet or looking at youtube videos, even that I am listening to music on SoundCloud or playing simple games, I am so addicted to the Internet.

Okay so these are my addictions! This is my top 10 addictions that I have. Now I am waiting for your long list of your addictions in the Comments! I love you all! See you soon!


  1. I agree with everything except One Direction... LOL sorry but not a fan of them. :(
    But coffee, fashion, internet = love!

    Ps. I think you spelt internet wrong in the image!

  2. Sorry for the image! We have different tastes in music. You don't need to feel sorry for that:) Thank you for your nice comment!