Summer Bucketlist

  Hello lovely people! How are you? Today I'm gonna talk about my summer bucketlist. I know some things are for my life bucketlist... but what can I do? I hope I will make some of these real. I want these things to happen to me and why not? To you too. My bucketlist is crazy, funny and perfect for me. I really want this summer to be different. I want to have fun and blog a lot. So let's start!
  1.  Slow dance in the rain: this is a bit impossible, because I'm too afraid of a cold in the middle of the Summer.
  2. Cuddle under the stars: here are lots of stars! It's like an ocean of stars! I will really be happy if I will do this!
  3. Find the end of a rainbow: this will be a challenge! I bet I will the rainbow, not the end!
  4. I want to create a Memory Box: I want to put in it lots of photos and drafts, things I love...
  5. Write a letter and send it to a random address and see if they write back: this will be awesome! 
  6. Cuddle next to a campfire: this will be perfect on a beach...
  7.  Let go of a floating lantern.
  8.  Have a paint fight: this will make a mess...
  9. Get in a taxi and yell "Follow that car!": I'll have lot of fun doing this.
  10. Wish on a shooting star.
  11.  Learn fluent german: I must do this!!
  12.  Build a giant sand castle.
  13.  Make smores around the fire.
  14. Learn to dance and then learn a new dance.
  15.  Actually do things on my Summer Bucketlist!                                                                           
   So these are the things from my Summer Bucketlist! I will wait in the comment section for your summer bucketlist. I would be happy to read these. Hope we all have some fun this summer and don't forget to dream big! Love ya!


  1. Amazing :) I may have to write some of these down for myself :)

    love your blog :)