Over 45 Things I Love

  Hello beautiful people! How was your day? What you say about a cup of tea and an article about things I love and maybe you love these things too! Don't you love the sea? Don't you love to stay and watch the waves while you listen to music? Don't you love long, bubble baths or the fireplaces in winter? Don't you?

   I'm in love with so many things! From gold to silver, from diamonds to shoes, from dresses and flowers to the stars and the moon. In summer hot days I love strawberries ice cream or a glass of fresh juice with ice cubes. I love long walks in the park or forest and the smell of the forest after rain. I'm feeling home in the forest. I love Sherlock Holmes and I'm trying to make better deductions. I love London and Paris. I love perfumes and jewelry. I wear my rings every single day. 
  Rainy days are my favourite and books my best friends. Hot mint tea with lemon and honey is delicious. I love music and my last song that I've listened to is 'Really don't care'- Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd. 
  I love quotes and homemade gifts. I love little significant tatoos. I love animals and the colour Pink. I'm in love with nail art and blog design. I love long curly hair. I love the moon and all of the stars. I love the names: Elisabeth, Rose, Cher and Lana. I'm in love with the roses and almond nails. I'm inspired and in love with Ed Sheeran's lyrics. I love inspiration boards.
   I love to fly in my dreams, I just feel that I'm free like a bird that escaped from her cage. I love my skin because is very white and my tan looks perfect. I love little things such as freckles, dimples and a ride with a horse even if I don't know to ride a bike or a horse.  I love red hair, pink hair and blue hair. Also I want to make my hair in all colours possible with the time. I love the sound of the rain, the piano and the violin. I want to learn to sing at these instruments. 
And not the last I love writing, that's why I've made this blog. 
I think we have some things in common so I'm waiting for your comments. Have a lovely day!

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