How To Prepare Yourself For The Beach

Hello! What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and my mind is thinking about the sea, the waves, the sand on my toes... Sun, fresh and clean water, a perfect beach bag... Are you thinking of this too? Then you should read this post! It's all about how to prepare yourself for the beach!

  Have you already prepared a date? If not, what are you waiting for? You need to know how the weather will be, in order to choose the perfect clothes and think about your look on  a day at the beach.

♥ You can't go to the beach without a perfect big lovely beach bag. Even it's a classic one, a simple one or with flowers, the beach bag must be  big, because you need lots of things! From your suncream to your water bottle and sunglasses... Oh, I mean lots of things!! Let's see a short list with them:

  • The beach towel to sit on to dry yourself after you had fun in the water;
  • Hats, big lovely hats! These will provide you the perfect coverage;
  • Magazines and Books these will help you to relax and enjoy your time;
  • Your phone, maybe protected by a plastic bag;
  • Your digital or video camera;
  • Your makeup bag;
  • Some sandwiches and other snacks;
  • Toys for the kids;
  • A map if you don't know very well where you are;
  • Some money;
This is just a short list, but I think it's helpful to have an idea. 
♥ Your bathing suit is essential! Choose one that fits you well and that you really like with a colour that matches your skin. If you have white, pale skin you need a darker colour for your bathing suit. For the ones with dark skin a lighter colour for your bathing suit. Also think about your body shape and if you want a single piece bathing suit or a bathing suit with two pieces. The best it is the two pieces bathing suit because you can tan on your belly. The two pieces bathing suit without straps will be perfect to tan very well on your shoulders. Think before you buy it! You need to have fun in water and achieve the perfect tan!
 Think if you would like to stay in a hotel, at someone that you know or in a beach house. If you choose to stay in a hotel, then think how far away from the sea it is and make a list with the best prices.
Here are some essential ideas for your summer holiday at the beach! Take care of you and your phone and also have the besttime with your friends and/ or family! 

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