15 Reasons To Be Happy This Summer

   Hello my gorgeous! How are you doing? I didn't feel very well these days . I just slept and I've eaten bowls with watermelon's slices in just a few seconds. It's not really my favourite fruit, but I like it a lot. It's tasty and well it really helped me to hidratate. So after a long time, I'm going to make a post about the things that make me smile and think that life is wonderful. These things are making me happy and some of them make you happy too. Just remember that for me the order doesn't matter. Here they are:

Books are a woman bestfriend. I don't know how it's for you, but for me the books are my friends. I can't imagine life without books. I've learnt a lot from them and they make me really happy. A book is always welcome to the beach. You can stand on the sand and read while listening to the waves sound. My mother is  the one who pushed me to read from my childhood. I'm really greatful for this. Thanks mom!
Music makes this world better: oh, maybe you can live without music, but it's better with it. The only thing you need to pay attention is the music you listen to. It really matters. The kind of music you listen to can influent your mood and personality. This summer relax and let the music take you to another world.
Dance, Dance, Dance. Dance even if you don't know how to do it. Dance even if you are in a shopping center or in a restaurant. If you hear your favourite song or just like the rhytm of the song let your legs to fly. Let your body to feel the sounds, the rhytm, the song... Feel it. Breath it. Dance it. 
The days are longer so why you don't take advantage of this? You can now do everything you've wanted to do, but couldn't this winter. Think about this. Are many things out there waiting for you. Just think.
Road trips, the kind of music you listen to when you are in a roas trip, the fresh air that is turning your hair in an artwork...
Now you can see, touch and feel the sea alive. The salty smell, the sand touching your toes, the flip flops... Aren't these sounding good?
You can eat lot of ice cream and still need more. Vanilla or chocolate? Or maybe you prefer with fruits, such as watermelon, strawberries or with cherries? Let's face it- we all love ice cream!
Shorts, flip flops, t-shirts, neon colours, short skirts, maxi dresses, swimming suit and big hats... oh yeah! It's summer so why not to let the sun touch our skin?
The perfect tan we all want, now we can achieve that. But be careful and always have a sun cream. We don't want to become sick or have sun burns.
Late nights, parties or just a long walk on the beach. Now is the time to do these things. You choose how you spend your time.
Riding your bike or a horse on the beach. This sounds so perfect! But I don't know to ride them... shame on me! I really want to learn and soon as I can I want to do these things.
Naps in a hammock. I have two hammocks and I'm really enjoying doing this. It's so relaxing and I can think about everything or just spending my time in peace.
Standing on the grass watching the clouds or just day dreaming. If you are far away from the sea this is a good option. I love doing this!
School is over so problems are over. Relax and make some things for yourself. Go to the spa, spend the time with your dog/cat/both or help your parents. 
The tan will fade but the memories last forever! So make memories, live, breath and be thankful!  Smile as often as you can, say good words, give a piece of advice or just relax. Life is too much complicated by us, so why not try to make it simple? Appreciate the little things and be positive! 
Thank you for reading this. I made it in order to have something to push me forward everytime I'm feeling uninspired or bad. I hope I helped you too. Have a very good day! For me now is 23:11 p.m. For you maybe is just morning. Good night! or Good morning! Don't forget: choose to be happy! 

P.S. The photo is a free wallpaper made especially for you by me. Hope you like it. All you have to do is just simply click on the photo. You'll be redirected to Media Fire where you just need to click on "Download". Have a nice day!


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    1. Hello Jade! Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for this lovely comment! It means a lot for me! I will take a look at your blog too! Thank you and Have a lovely day too!