10 Gifts Ideas: Gift Guide For Your Mother

Aloha! Today I want to share with you some gift ideas for your mom. I know it can be hard to find something for your mom, but let's give it a try. I will do my best!
First Step:

In this step think about what your mother always wanted, what is/are her dream/s and what she likes. My mother always said that she wants to visit Paris, she likes Chuck Norris and police books. 
Second Step:

I think that the most precious things are coming from our heart! So we can do a beautiful birthday card. Take some coloured cardboard. Pick the colour you know that  your mother likes. Then take a sharpie in what colour you think it will look good and draw things or just say something that is coming from your heart or both! Every year I do a happy birthday card for my mom! This year she was very suprised, because I made it  a bit different. I really enjoyed to make it! I also made some doodles on it's front page these are just so easy and fun to do. You can cut things that you draw or things from magazines and glue it on the interior of the birthday card. Have fun and let your imagination fly!
Third Step:

After you thought about what your mother likes and if you have some money you can buy it something special or like in step two you can make it yourself. If you have no idea you can search on Google or Pinterest for some DIY's and Tutorials! Also you can just buy some flowers that your mother likes. 

Fourth Step:

If nothing worked for you, then a jewellery will say everything you can't. Remember that "Diamonds are a woman bestfriends!".

 Fifth Step:

I don't know how many ideas I gave you, but I think this is the last. I'm out of ideas... Some mothers don't want gifts and all that they want are just your presence. 

I hope I have helped you! Have a wonderful new week! And don't forget to smile!


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  3. The best gifts really do come from the heart! Those are my favorite kinds of gifts for sure <3


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    @Christina mine too! I really like to do them and I appreciate more the homemade gifts, because they have a piece of your heart.

  5. That's a great post and the steps are all quite accurate. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hello! Thank you! I really appreciate!