we need to see some awesome places together...

Let's get out of this town, out of this rutine and fly away from here... What you say about the beach or the mountain? You want sun or clouds and rain? Go on an adventure, don't think and just buy a ticket to somewhere. I need this and you need this too. Grab some clothes and the money you have and make a change in your life. Have fun and write memories on sand or walk along the beach. What you say about building a sandcastle? Maybe building a whole house next to the sea... Do something, regret nothing... You've always dreamed about that sunny place so why aren't you there? We need to see some awesome places together. I want to take the map and go on a new city and discover every single secret of it! Don't be afraid, just let your mind fly on places you want to see, in cities you want to visit, in oceans you want to sail. Play with these things and watch that great sunset there. See the moon on a sky full of stars. Wonder what if you'll be in an airplane... would you like it or not? I dream about flying. It's an wonderful feeling... to fly without limits, to don't care if you lose your money or if you lose yourself in that fly. Travel a lot and see as many places as you can. It's important to know the world around you. And what other way to know it than to fly and discover it all by yourself? Learn everything. Walk, run, fly, drive, live for the unexpected.
Meet new people, create relationships and believe in you and your abilities. Feed your soul with stories and adventures. Be forever young! Let the sun touch you and your soul... Live new experiences. Make friends. Have fun. Fly away.
We need to see some awesome places together.

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