Ways To Stay Fit

     We all want to be fit and look good, but most important to be healthy. I always dreamed about a perfect body and I recently started to work at it. I look at me in the mirror and I see small differences  just from two weeks of crunches. It hurt at first, but now I'm proud of myself and I want to continue with it and more. I want to start dancing and more exercises for different parts of the body. I want a perfect ab, perfect legs, because right now, even think I'm beautiful, I'm not perfect healthy. I want to gain a hot body, but most important a stunning health. So now, I'm gonna tell you some ways to stay fit, new ways, that I've just found on Pinterest and I want to share them with you, because I think that they work..Some of them I tried on my own.

                                                                    So let's start!

1. Eat more often: it sounds crazy, but small meals every three hours can make miracles.
2. Drink lot of water: you heard it before, you hear it now and you should pay attention to it. It's important to hydrate your body. We are 70% water. You'll look younger, if you hydrate your skin.
3. Don't starve yourself: this isn't a solution! It isn't an answer at your problems. It just will make it worse. You'll gain more weight.
4. Sleep more: make time for sleep. It is essential to sleep more. It will make you stronger and it will help you to reduce stress, that is a main problem in gaining weight.
5. Workout: make yourself a workout routine. Make time for working out. It's very important to eliminate bad substances.
6. Take a long walk: go and explore the neighborhoods. See what is new, walk to the coffee shop, take a long walk along the beach or simply walk in the park with your dog.
7. Go for a run: single or with your best friend, try to challenge yourself to see how much you can push your limits. Start with a small distance and make it larger with everyday.
8. Take the stairs: this activity will tone your legs and burn over 11 calories per minute.
9. Dance: this can help you burn up to 20 calories at one to four minutes of song.
10. Eat breakfast each day: it is the most important meal so don't jump over it. You can eat as much as you want at breakfast so feel free.
11. Less calories, less problems: cut out up to 3,500 calories from the total gained in seven days, in order to lose one pound a week.
12. Eat vegetables and fruits: it will help you because they are low-calorie.
13. Keep it fresh: get closer to nature, this is the answer for a healthy life.
14. Drink tea: especially green tea can boost your metabolism.
15. Some foods are fighting the fat: these are almonds and oatmeal. You can find lots of recipes on the web.
16. Laugh: this can be both healthy and dangerous. Some people died from laugh, but you can burn up to six calories per minute. 
     These are just a few accessible ways to stay fit and also become fit. Hope I've inspired you! Don't forget to share this post with your friends. Maybe they are searching for a way to stay fit, healthy and beautiful. 

                                                                    See you soon!


  1. I love these tips! I think staying healthy is so so important. Thanks for posting!

    1. @Becky Skidmore Thank you for your lovely comments! I'm happy I could help!!